what is the Emil Bulut and who is this website

July 06, 2019

Hi there real life human person!

I’m Emil and I like making up stories. I also like talking about art and culture. I’m gonna write blog posts on this website about the movies, plays and exhibitions I see, and also about anything else I feel like writing about.

I’ll create a portfolio of the movies I have made and things I have written. That way my family and friends don’t have to be the only ones who get to “enjoy” my creations. Who knows, maybe some film company hotshot will see them and decide right then and there to hire me as a scriptwriter (wink wink I’m talking to you future employer).

I used to be really involved in politics and activism, but it wasn't my thing. Now, instead of telling bored people on the streets about the dying oceans, I’ll save the world by creating movies so powerful and meaningful that you just can't help yourself from stopping to eat tuna.

Thanks and congrats for reading my first post and hope to see you in the future friend. (The post scriptum is for people who speak finnish btw. It just says that sometimes I’ll write posts in finnish cuz why not.)

Joskus kirjoitan tekstejä suomeksi, kun aihe sitä vaatii. Esim. arvostelu suomalaisesta näytelmästä, joka käsittelee Suomen politiikkaa on ihan kiva kirjoittaa suomen kielellä.

Photo of Emil E. Bulut